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Brian Gilder is an expert in Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, Home Owners Insurance and more!

Brian Gilder – Long Term Care Insurance

Financial Coach Brian Gilder covers the costs of retirement and Long Term Care Insurance. What is retirement and long term heath costs going to cost you and your family? How can you solve the retirement cost problems with Long Term Care Insurance.

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Brian Gilder has found a way to make finances easy!

Certified Financial Planner Brian Gilder has found a way to make understanding financial strategy easy. In fact, he says if you know how to play sports like football and baseball and basketball — and if you enjoy watching sports — you are well on your way to understanding how to manage your money and plan for your financial success.

Gilder has come up with a financial advice sports connection

As he explains it, a sports strategy and a money strategy for winning are very similar. Watch our new series of videos here that explain financial advice and the sports connection to help you understand. And for more information call Brian Gilder at (310) 804-3767.

In our first video report, Brian Gilder talks about the basics of managing a winning sports team and how they are very similar to the basics of managing a winning financial plan.

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There is nothing more serendipitous than when two areas of expertise become inseparably complimentary. Such is the case with Brian Gilder, a highly successful certified financial planner, chartered financial consultant, and chartered life underwriter with two decades of experience who also possesses a tremendous passion for athletics and sports philosophy. Mr. Gilder

The Financial Playbook